Global Villager

He lived on $300 a month.

He'd been driving a taxi, getting paid $1 or $3 per ride.

He wasn't an impoverished Indian from a poor slum, but a dear American partner of Dayspring.

He lived on $300 a month so he could give away the other $1,200 he received in Social Security.

He only charged $1 - $3 for his taxi rides so he could help elderly people on limited incomes get to their doctors' appointments.

And he kept the life insurance paid on a few policies that he had designated to go toward the ministries he loved, one of which was Dayspring.

We were saddened to hear that N.D. had passed away ... but we know that he's rejoicing in heaven to see how his generous estate planning is making a difference for the people of India!

Film Showing


His friends were sad to see him go, too. Although he'd never married and had no children, there were 150 mourners at his funeral in a small town in Wisconsin, including the mayor plus other politicians he had met and faithfully prayed for through the years.

What a legacy our friend and partner left, in the United States, and in India.

Thank you, N.D.! And thank You, Jesus, for giving us faithful friends like this.

Film Team Members

N.D. had a heart for our film teams and prayed for them consistently — he prayed so that many in India could pray as he did.