Global Villager

It's a bad region.

Uttar Pradesh is one of the Indian states that officials say "skew the statistics" when it comes to poverty in India.

While poverty rates overall have declined 7.3% from 2004 across India, they haven't seen much improvement in Uttar Pradesh.1

There, many live in abject poverty, struggling at menial jobs just to feed their families ... or giving in to despair and attempting to drink their troubles away.

This is where one of our two-person film teams makes their home, amidst the poverty and hopelessness.

Meet Moth and Sidhouli, Dayspring film team workers who make up one of our new two-person teams.

(We can't publish their real names, for security reasons — but we can tell you what a big difference they are making!)

They visit nearby villages daily, introducing people to Jesus, showing them His love, and inviting them to come and see a movie about His life ...

Once they have the people excited to see the free film, they return and conduct a showing of our all-Indian acted Life of Christ film,

Most of the people they minister to on a daily basis have never heard about Jesus, and are amazed to hear that there's a living God who died for them and offers eternal life.

"People are starting to put their faith in Christ," they say. "And they are starting to see answers to their prayers, which strengthens their faith in a big way!"

Film Showing

Sushila's story shows just how this swift, powerful and effective two-person film team brings hope and transformation through Jesus!

People are starting to place their faith in Christ.