Global Villager

John Gilman

During my recent visit to India I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and love of our partners and workers here. And they want me to tell you: THANK YOU!

You see, friends like you helped make possible one of the most exciting and important discoveries in our 33-year history — the new two-person film team. The concept came straight from our teams working in the field ... and it is revolutionary!

Film Team


Two men or two women team members are able to ride on a powerful motor scooter, taking a new lightweight projector, loud speaker and screen in a backpack to a variety of village situations. There they present our all-Indian acted Life of Christ film,

John with Basket Weaving Woman

This is a wonderful new development in our efforts to Engage ... Establish ... and Elevate the people of India by sharing new life in Jesus Christ with them. Thank you for being part of it!