Global Villager

Sushila wanted peace in her family — and she tried hard to make sure everyone got along — but more often than not, her husband was yelling at her, she was yelling at the children, the children were yelling at each other ...

There was no peace.

But that wasn't unusual in their poor part of town where families toiled in squalor. Sushila herself worked as a day laborer. She and her husband struggled every day to feed their three children.

Then Sushila met the two-person Dayspring film team ministering in her area. She was shocked to hear their story, about Jesus Christ and His death on the cross. Could He really be the one true God?

Sushila told her husband what she'd learned from the team, and later the couple went to a showing of Dayasagar™. They couldn't take their eyes off the screen as Jesus, the Son of God, was nailed to the cross, to die for their sins.

They were amazed by the love of Jesus, and chose to follow Him that day!

They quickly became part of a Good Shepherd Community Church fellowship, and now their lives are very different.

"There's peace in our home, as each family member tries to emulate Jesus." Sushila says.

Thanks for helping Dayspring teams share the love of God with families like these in India. You're making a great impact.


They chose to follow Jesus that day!